The first suspects have finally been charged for the October jewelry robbery of Kim Kardashian in Paris. Four men who were present for the robbery at the private apartment she had been staying at have been indicted and hit with charges such as armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping, and handling stolen goods.

There are 10 suspects who remain in police custody, and they are set to appear before an "investigative judge" tomorrow, according to a spokeswoman for the prosecutor's office, reports BuzzFeed News. After that, they must either be charged or released. 

A total of 17 suspects were arrested in relation to the $10 million heist on Monday. The next day, three of those suspects were released, including Michael Madar, the man who regularly serves as the Kardashian's chauffeur in Paris, who had been Kim's driver leading up to the theft. His younger brother, who works for the same company, has not yet been released. Police suspect that he may have let the thieves know that Kim's bodyguard, who has since been fired, was not with her on the night of the break-in. 

Police are reportedly still open to the possibility of an "inside job." However, the men who raided Kim's residence, bound and gagged her, held her at gunpoint, and stole the jewelry are thought to all be elderly French gangsters whose identities are known to police due to past criminal activity.

The identities of some of the "grandad gangsters" -- whose nicknames include "Mr. Big," "Old Omar," and "Blue Eyes" -- were revealed yesterday. It is assumed that some of those guys were officially charged today, though names have not been released save for that of one suspect, whom police have revealed as 63-year-old "Yunice A." Stay updated on the story, as more details regarding the suspects will likely become available tomorrow.