A couple of nights ago (Sept. 6), a reported 2-3 million dollars worth of jewelry was stolen from Drake's tour bus while it was parked outside of the Talking Stick Arena in downtown Phoenix, where Drake and Future were performing as part of their "Summer Sixteen" tour. Yesterday morning, a suspect was arrested for the theft, as a man was found on the Arizona State campus carrying a briefcase containing the stolen jewelry. When news of the robbery first surfaced, it was reported that the jewelry belonged to Drake's DJ, Future the Prince. Indeed, Drake is adamant that nothing was stolen from him. 

Last night in LA, the TMZ paparazzi caught up with Drake as he appears to be entering a club or venue. They immediately hit him with questions about the jewelry theft, asking, "What do you have to say to the guys that robbed you," to which Drake responds, "Nobody robbed me," making sure to repeat himself twice. A photographer then says, "Well, they got that man arrested," prompting Drake to turn around with an especially alarmed look on his face. "Say what?" he asks, before going on his way through the tunnel that connects his car to the venue. See footage of the encounter below. 

Funnily enough, the paps decide to hang around for a bit, and another superstar eventually emerges out of the all-black vehicle. It seems like RiRi is now officially a part of the "Summer Sixteen" tour brigade. Those dating "rumors" can all but be put to rest. Regardless if Drake was a target of the high stakes robbery or not, his security is likely beefed up already. Especially with Rihanna on board.