Dee Watkins Shows Off Flashy Johnny Dang Jewelry On "In My Bag"

Alex Zidel
November 24, 2021 20:05

Dee Watkins shows off his essentials, including his three phones, an extra-long charger, jewelry from Johnny Dang, and more on "In My Bag."

Florida rapper Dee Watkins is fresh off the release of his latest project, Problem Child 3, and he's showing off all of his essentials on the new episode of In My Bag.

During last month's episode with Jazz Cartier, the rapper showed off some unconventional things inside his bag, including a power drill. With Dee Watkins, the contents of his bag were a little more orthodox, including a phone cable, his two phones, a pack of underwear in case he needs to change, and a whole lot of jewelry.

"You know I gotta keep the ice on me," said Dee Watkins while showing off a diamond pendant with his little cousin's picture on it, designed by the one and only Johnny Dang. He took out a second piece, which he believes was also bought from Dang's store, before flexing his Cartier watch and moving on to the next item. 

Of course, the bag itself was also a moment for Dee Watkins. His yellow Gucci bag was a $2,000 investment, but Dee says it's worth it.

"I think this bag was, like, two bands? When I did get a bag, I make sure I get a good bag though because I don't buy them a lot and I use them a lot," explained the rapper. "So I drop a bag on a bag!"

He couldn't show us everything that was inside his bag but he got through most of it. Check out the new episode of In My Bag with Dee Watkins above.

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