• Lyor Cohen's 300 Label Announces Partnership With Migos & Johnny Cinco
    The other week we learned of Young Thug's connection to the newly-launched 300 label. Kevin Liles, one of the label's executives, revealed that they have some sort of deal with Thugga although the exact details remain unclear. Liles also promised other exciting ventures in the pipeline, and lo and behold, today a press release has arrived announcing a partnership between 300 and two artists on...
  • Ticket Giveaway: See Chevy Woods & Kevin Gates Live For "By Any Means" Tour
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    As we announced back in May, Taylor Gang x Bread Winners Association are teaming up for a joint tour with Chevy Woods and Kevin Gates, named after the latter's mixtape, By Any Means. We're excited to be able to giveaway tickets for the tour, which officially kicks off tomorrow, July 15th, in Houston, Texas and runs all the way until August. We'll be giving away one pair of tickets for each...
  • Top 10: Rap Interludes
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    The interlude has always been an opportunity for an artist to switch up the vibe of their album and transition from one style to another. Sometimes they're musical, sometimes they're a humorous skit (or not so much) thrown in for comic relief. Hip Hop albums have had interludes for a long time, but they're transformed slightly during this current generation of the genre. The skit has almost...
  • Photos: Nicki Minaj's "Secret" Shoot With Alexander McQueen
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    Have you had enough of Nicki Minaj? Well, in case you've yet to have your fill of the Barbz leader, she's showed off some flicks from a photo shoot she did with high-end fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The reason behind the shoot is unknown, it could just be because it's Nicki. Nicki's My Pink Friday site labels it as a "secret" photo shoot, so perhaps something is cooking between McQueen and...
  • Fabolous Rants About The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge On Twitter
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    Since releasing Soul Tape 3 last Christmas, Fabolous hasn't done much, musically speaking. While we're still waiting on the long-overdue Loso's Way 2, the NYC rapper took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to air out his concerns about the modern generation, which he called the "do what everybody else think is cool so that's what ima do generation." Touching on the ALS Ice...
  • Jim Jones Says Dr. Dre Produced Four Unreleased Dipset Songs
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    Jim Jones is on a press run for his brand new EP We Own The Night Pt. 2: Memoirs Of A Hustler. Sitting down with Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club," the Harlem emcee took some time to talk about the project among other topics. Most notable of that alternative category, is this little tidbit: "Dr. Dre has four Diplomat records right now on Dre beats," he...
  • Hands Up: Street Anthems 4 Justice
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    Hip-Hop emerged out of a collective struggle against oppression, poverty, and pain.  Recently, rappers have been teaming up in order to promote an end to police brutality, even raising money for victims like Mike Brown, and spreading digital campaigns to promote awareness of the issue. This isn't the first time we've seen rappers speak up against violence in their music, so we've gathered...
  • Lil Snupe Explains How He Signed With Meek Mill
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    Although most rappers nowadays think demos are a way of the past, given the accessibility of the internet, but a demo was all Lil Snupe needed to get the attention of MMG's Meek Mill.Meek Mill added Lil Snupe to his own Dream Chasers label less than an hour after hearing a demo from the 16-year-old rapper. Snupe visited Meek on tour during...
  • Game Releases Official Statement About "Rolex Records," Looking For Talent To Sign
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    It was revealed the other week that Game and Stat Quo are going to into business together, in the form of a record label titled Rolex Records.We had yet to hear from Game himself about the venture, but now the "Jesus Piece" rapper has released an official statement. He explains how he's planning to go about singing talent to Rolex Records. The two rappers will be going through Blazetrak.com...
  • Waka Flocka Pushes "Flockaveli 2" Back To 2014, Reveals Producers
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    Waka Flocka burst onto the scene with his punishing debut album Flockaveli back in 2010, but his follow up Triple F Life was a decidedly less abrasive. The rapper had previously announced that the proper sequel to his debut, Flockaveli 2, would be dropping July 5th, but in an interview with Toronto's Flow 93.5, Flocka now says that fans will have to wait until next year-- but they won't be...
  • DJ Mustard & YG Dispel Rumors Of An Altercation With Mistah F.A.B. Last Night [Update: Footage Of Altercation Released]
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    Rumors of an altercation during DJ Mustard's set in Oakland arose this morning, but the producer and his friend and collaborator, YG are shutting down claims.Sources have reported that Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B. and his crew approached Mustard during the show, and allegedly slapped and robbed him of his chain. Mustard has subsequently posted a video to Instagram in which he and YG laugh off...
  • Azealia Banks Released From Universal Music Group
    Azealia Banks' career has been stagnating lately, as she hasn't released any new music since last October and often seems more focused on starting Twitter beef than working on albums. Much of that is due to her dissatisfaction with her record label, Universal Music Group, which became known in January after she tweeted some less-than-positive things about her deal. Now, months later, it appears...
  • Frank Ocean Sued By Chipotle [Update: Ocean Cuts A Check, Writes "Fuck Off" On It]
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    Chipotle may fill our stomachs, but they're looking to burn a hole right through Frank Ocean's pocket. To be fair, he was payed by the Mexican Grill super chain around $212,500 to donate some vocals to their new marketing campaign, called "The Scarecrow." The Fiona Apple cover of the "Pure Imagination" song from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory" done for Chipotle; that was supposed Frank...
  • Lil Boosie's Neighbors Are Not Happy About His Partying
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    Lil Boosie threw a party for his mother's 60th birthday this weekend, and his neighbors are already getting worried. The Baton Rouge rapper-- who is currently renting a house that was previously owned by Birdman, in a Louisiana gated community --has been getting complaints from those that live around him, citing offenses such as noise and minor parking violations. Boosie's mother commented on the...
  • 50 Cent Ordered To Pay Sleek Audio $16 Million Following Lawsuit
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    The legal issues between 50 Cent and Sleek Audio continue, and once again, 50 Cent has found himself at the loosing end. As we reported on last year, Fiddy had taken Sleek to court, suing them over a debt he claimed the company owed him (a debt of $261,000). In the end, 50 lost his case, although he blamed it on a racial bias of the judge. Now more news has surfaced from the beef between...
  • Chris Brown Transferred To Gen Pop In Virginia's Northern Neck Regional Jail
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    For those not keeping up with Chris Brown's ongoing legal saga, the R&B star is currently doing time in his native Virginia's Northern Neck Regional Jail, having been transferred there after brief stints in a Malibu rehab clinic and a Los Angeles County jail, where he was held in solitary confinement due to his behavior in rehab. He allegedly refused a drug test, made "harsh comments"...
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