• Nicki Minaj Was Paid 50K To Attend Iyanna Mayweather's Birthday Party
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    Nicki Minaj may be able to retire from music and live comfortably off her image. According to a new report by TMZ, Minaj was paid the sum of $50,000 by boxer Floyd Mayweather just to show her face at his daughter's 14th birthday party. For context, that's roughly the average amount a school teacher makes in the US for a full year of work. Minaj reportedly stayed at the party for one...
  • Wiz Khalifa Announces "Blacc Hollywood Big Secret" Tour Dates
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    The newly-single Wiz Khalifa is prepared to head on the road for another tour in support of his new album Blacc Hollywood. The album hasn't been Wiz's most well-received project in the commercial sphere, but nonetheless fans will surely come out to support the weed enthusiast while he's on the road. The "Blacc Hollywood Big Secret" tour kicks off on October 24th in Santa Ana, and runs through...
  • Dej Loaf Signs With Columbia Records?
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    Detroit rapper Dej Loaf has been buzzing in the streets these past few months thanks to her street hit "Try Me" which has already seen numerous remixes from big-name artists like Wiz Khalifa, Lil Durk, E-40, Vado, & Lil Mama to name a few. While we thought she was running the game as a complete independent artist, it appears that maybe not be the case after all. According to HDD, Dej is...
  • Rumor Circulates That Danny Brown Got His Teeth Fixed, Rapper Says It's Not True
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    Danny Brown is known for his gap-toothed smile, something he flashes in just about every photo. The story of how he lost his two front teeth is one he has shared with fans, it all happened many years ago when he was hit by a car in the parking lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. (False) rumors are circulating today that Danny fixed his toothless grin, and that it was none other than KFC...
  • Review: Juicy J's "Stay Trippy"
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    Few rappers get a second life in the rap game. It’s nearly unheard of to lap around the competition a third time around. But then again Juicy J is not the typical rapper. He started out with his fellow Memphis native rappers and friends DJ Paul and Lord Infamous to form Three 6 Mafia in the early 90’s. A classic hip-hop come-up story, the trio dove head-first into a non-stop grind of hustling...
  • Lil Snupe Explains How He Signed With Meek Mill
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    Although most rappers nowadays think demos are a way of the past, given the accessibility of the internet, but a demo was all Lil Snupe needed to get the attention of MMG's Meek Mill.Meek Mill added Lil Snupe to his own Dream Chasers label less than an hour after hearing a demo from the 16-year-old rapper. Snupe visited Meek on tour during...
  • T.I. Explains Release Strategy For Next Album "Paperwork"
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     The typical roll out date for new albums seems to be in the past doesn't it? After Jay taught us #NewRules, and Beyonce and Kid Cudi changed the game with their surprise albums, it now seems rappers nowadays need some unique strategy plan to release their project. This being the case in T.I.'s next album Paperwork. Sitting down with Hot 97 this morning, T.I. revealed that he’s...
  • Chris Brown Lashes Out At Ex-Manager On Twitter
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    Chris Brown finalized a release date for his delayed album X over the weekend, and made the announcement to the world via Twitter that the LP would arrive on May 5th. We also saw two Fan Of A Fan 2 leaks surface over the weekend, however despite these positive moves, Breezy appears to be having some frustrations with his old management team. We haven't seen the rapper spazz out on Twitter for a...
  • Game Gets Nate Dogg & Trayvon Martin Tattoos
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    In a recent interview, Game revealed his philosophy behind paying tribute to others, saying, "From the beginning of my career to the end, it's always gonna be an homage to somebody." The Compton rapper pays homage not only through his music, but also the images he puts on his body. This year alone, he's already inked himself with "The Chronic," "The Documentary," and Barack Obama tattoos.  His...
  • Review: Game's "Jesus Piece"
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    Though he did fall off the map for a while, fans will remember 2012 as the year Game made his triumphant comeback. First, he released The R.E.D Album to critical acclaim and followed that up with the recent release of Jesus Piece - an album that could go down as one of Game's best. From the eerie synth in the opening seconds of "Scared Now" to the last thought-provoking lyrics of "Blood...
  • Review: Logic's "Welcome to Forever"
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    Throughout Welcome to Forever Robert Bryson Hall II reflects upon the last year of his career. The opening title track recalls when Logic met Nas for the first time in the line, “Shook his hand then he started quoting my lines? God damn this is real life!” A certain hunger and drive are present in the Maryland native's voice. The intensity and the leisurely style that he rhymes with have...
  • A$AP Rocky Discusses His Fashion Sense & Fashion Evolution
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    By now fans of A$AP Rocky are aware that along with the rapper comes a unique fashion sense. The New York native is outspoken about his fashion choices, bringing high fashion to the forefront. Although some criticize what he wears, Rocky has no apologies. In a new interview with online site Mr. Porter, Rocky spoke on his style and fashion evolution, as well he modeled select pieces from some of...
  • Rah Digga Says Iggy Azalea Isn't Hip-Hop [Update: Iggy Azalea Responds]
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    Golden age hip-hop heads are no doubt familiar with Rah Digga. One of the premier emcees, male or female, that this genre has to offer, the former Flipmode affiliate has what one might refer to as "clout." In other words, when Rah Digga says you're not hip-hop, there's a distinct possibility that you're not hip-hop.  “Iggy Azalea it’s like I can’t get into her,” Rah...
  • Papoose Explains Why He Dissed Kendrick Lamar In His "Control" Verse
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    The last time Papoose was in the headlines was when he seemingly rushed the stage at Summer Jam. It was later revealed that Kendrick played a role in bringing him out, something he did out of respect for Pap's support early on in his career. Papoose has flipped his position on Kendrick however, in wake of K-Dot's declaration that he's "The King Of New York" in his lyrical onslaught earlier in the...
  • Review: B.o.B.'s "No Genre 2"
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    B.o.B. is one of those artist that currently stands in a grey area: he's attained mainstream success thanks to catchy tunes, but he's also a seasoned rapper, and finds himself balancing between full-out pop music and more hardened hip-hop. So who are his main fans, the picky hip-hop heads or the avid radio listeners? On No Genre 2 he makes a plea for both.  Three years, two albums and two...
  • Kanye West Addresses His Criticism Of Justin Timberlake & Jay Z's "Suit & Tie"
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    Kanye West and Jay Z have had a long partnership as friends and collaborators, so it took many by surprise when 'Ye seemed to throw some shade at Hov during a performance earlier this year. In one of his signature "streams of consciousness," Yeezy expressed his dislike for Jay's collaboration with Justin Timberlake, saying "I got love for Hov, but I aint fucking with that 'Suit &...
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