Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith is tired of taking the blame for the delay of Ab-Soul's next album, DWTW. Soulo hasn't dropped an album since These Days..., released in June 2014. Early this year, he expressed his frustration about his place within TDE, tweeting, "This bench is gettin warm as fucc." In August, Tiffith announced that he had received the final mixes for Soulo's next album and said a release date would be coming soon. A release date has not yet surfaced, and apparently Tiffith was not satisfied with the aforementioned mixes.

Soulo's fans are frustrated that DWTW is still nowhere to be seen, and they seem to be pestering the TDE boss about the album on social media. As of last night, though, Tiffith has officially placed responsibility for the album's absence on the shoulders of Soulo himself as well TDE's esteemed resident engineer, MixedByAli. 

Responding to an impatient fan, Tiffith said that both Soulo and Ali are responsible for "holding this album up." "I'm done takin the blame," he fumed. "They need 2 get da mixes right.. that's the hold up. Get at them." 

Tiffith recently flew down to the Bahamas to let off some steam in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. After telling TDE's fanbase that Soulo and Ali haven't offered him a properly finished copy of DWTW, he addressed both of his signees on Twitter and demanded that they finish the album by the time he's back from his vacation. "Now I'm about 2 put my foot down," he wrote, tagging both artists. "Have it done when I get back." 

Though Soulo might not appreciate the public pressure placed upon him by his boss, at least his fans can expect that DWTW should be finished shortly -- if he and Ali abide to Tiffith's ultimatum, that is.