Scarface News

  • Cover of TBT: Devin The Dude
    Devin The Dude has come a long way in his 20+ year rap career. Starting out in the Odd Squad (who later changed their name to Coughee Brothaz), Devin went on to release 8 solo albums from 1998-2013.
  • Cover of #TBT: Scarface's Classics
    Houston, Texas has birthed some incredible rappers. One of them goes by Scarface, and together with Geto Boys, he helped to put Houston on the rap music map.
  • Cover of #TBT: Nas' Portrait Albums
    Nas' first four albums famously wore portraits of the MC in a different light. He was a kid on Illmatic. He was an adult on It Was Written. He was a pharaoh on I Am... He was Nostradamus on Nastradamus.
  • Cover of 10 Rappers Who Shouted Out Scarface
    Although the initial critical reception to the 1983 movie "Scarface" was pretty mixed, with plenty of harsh reviews, it has since gone on to not only become a rapper favorite, but cement itself as a classic. Although it was panned so hard by critics, it turned out to be a box office smash.
  • Cover of Scarface Says He's In Talks With Nas To Do Collaborative Album
    Scarface announced a new album in April, Deeply Rooted, so one would think a retirement isn't in the near future for the Houston OG, however while discussing rumors of retirement with DJ Whoo Kid, the rapper confirms it's almost time for him to leave the genre. Face jokes about pulling a Dr. Dre.
  • Cover of Top 20 Rap-A-Lot Records Tracks
    Rap-A-Lot Records was founded by James "J Prince" Smith in Houston, TX in 1986, during hip-hop's Golden Age, as well as the time when Gangsta Rap was slowly starting to gain prominence.
  • Cover of Scarface Announces New Album "Deeply Rooted"
    Scarface recently made headlines for venting about the music industry executives who control hip-hop, saying they don't really care about the culture or the craft. Well, it looks like the Houston legend will be taking control of his own music and will be releasing a new album soon.
  • Cover of Scarface's Son Reported Missing In Los Angeles [Update: Scarface's Son Has Been Found]
    Legendary rapper Scarface's son is currently missing and a search is underway to find the young adult.
  • Cover of 5 Mob Films Essential To Hip-Hop
    The inspiration rappers draw from mob films can't be denied. Flicks such as The Godfather, King Of New York, Casino, Goodfellas and Scarface have helped shape the persona of many of your favorite emcees.
  • Cover of 16 People Rick Ross Thinks He Is
    Rick Ross has a well-documented case of multiple personality disorder. Sure, plenty of rappers compare themselves to athletes, characters, and mobsters, but Rozay takes it to a whole new level. 
  • Cover of Review: DJ Khaled's "Suffering From Success"
    DJ Khaled has been behind some of the hottest records of the last few years and if there's one thing he's made consistently clear it's that he has a winning formula for hits. This is also his greatest fault.
  • Cover of Scarface Calls Out Music Executives For Not Caring About Craft Or Culture Of Hip-Hop
    Scarface doesn't seem to like the direction hip-hop is heading, or those currently in control of it. In a new interview with Hardknock TV the Houston native explains that he thinks music executives are brainwashing a generation of hip-hop fans.
  • Cover of Scarface May Collaborate With Jay-Z, Says "Mac N' Brad" Is "Not Gonna Happen"
    Scarface just appeared on Beyoncé's all Houston remix of "I Been On" beside fellow legends such as Bun B and Willie D.
  • Cover of Beyonce's "Bow Down" Remix Reportedly Set To Feature Slew Of Houston Rappers
    Beyonce's new song "Bow Down/I Been On" has definitely stirred up strong reactions in people, for it's markedly different direction in sound and content. Even political commentator Rush Limbaugh had something (negative) to say about it.
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