Rolling Stone Magazine recently revealed that stunning actress Zoe Kravitz would be gracing the cover of this year's Hot Issue. Zoe who is nude on the cover revealed that she drew inspiration from her mother Lisa Bonet's 1988 Hot Issue shoot. Bonet was artfully photographed nude and wore only a T-shirt on the cover. On the 30th anniversary of her mother's cover, Zoe puts her own spin on the iconic image. 

“I’ve always loved that cover so much,” she shared recalling her mother's cover. “When I think of Rolling Stone, that’s always the image that pops into my head. It’s a really striking image of her. It’s beautiful.” Zoe went on to reveal that her own rendition of the cover was rather significant as it represented one of her mother's wishes. Bonet is said to have told her daughter that she had hoped a completely nude photograph from inside the issue was placed on the cover instead.  “I think she was a little bummed when they used the shirt picture as the cover,” Zoe said. “I think she just thought, ‘I’m doing it, let’s do it!’” So Kravitz decided she wanted to do the cover her mom wanted but didn’t get. “It’s less about the picture,” she says, “and more about doing the thing my mom intended to do. That feels cool.”

Check out Rolling Stone's post below.