As we learned earlier this year, VH1 is looking to mimic the success of their TLC biopic with one about another r'n'b singer, Aaliyah. The singer's uncle announced news of the film back in September, but we've yet to receive any new details on the progress of the film, including casting, until today.

Among the stars vying for a chance at playing Aaliyah on film was BET's Keisha Chante. However it looks as though the role has gone to a Disney star, with reports that 17-year old Zendaya Coleman nabbed the part. Zendaya appeared on the Disney Channel show "Shake It Up," and, like all Disney stars, she's also been dabbling in music.

What do you think about this girl getting the part? There seems to be a bit of backlash on the web.

An official announcement is expected to arrive next week, so we will confirm then.

[Update: Film To DetailAaliyah's Relationship With R. Kelly]

To add to the Aaliyah biopic's already-contentious casting decision, it's now been revealed that the film will delve into the late singer's controversial relationship with R. Kelly. In case you missed it (or weren't alive in 1994), the pair were married when Aaliyah was 15 and Kellz was 27, though they insisted that their relationship was strictly mentorship-based. It wasn't until a marriage certificate surfaced with Aaliyah's age falsely listed as 18 that this was confirmed.

Debra Martin Chase, the film's executive producer, told the New York Post that “Aaliyah’s personal and professional relationship with R. Kelly will be explored with care in the film as we set out to depict her life with the utmost respect." She added, "Above all else, it’s our hope to inspire an entirely new generation with her music and larger-than-life talent.”

Though clearly made with the intention of creating more complete picture of Aaliyah's brief life, this decision will no doubt attract the film even more criticism, maybe even from Kellz himself. Stay tuned as this story unfolds.

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