Right around the release of Gucci Mane's first album post-prison, Everybody Looking, the rapper's go-to producer Zaytoven revealed the next project Gucci had his sights on: a joint effort with Drake. Zay has been the main person speaking out on the project thus far, and he continues to shed light on how it transpired in a new interview with Vlad TV.

Zay previously speculated that the EP would be titled The 6'ers, something which he suggests once again in this interview.

"We was shooting a video [at] Gucci's home, and Drake just showed up, I was like, 'damn, Drake here.' They got to talking, Gucci and Drake started talking," Zay says of how the conversation of a joint project first came up.

He continued, "And Gucci like, 'hey man, we oughta do a tape together,' and Drake was like, 'bet, we oughta do it.' And right then, he started thinking about a name, and Drake said, 'we oughta call it the..' I think he said The 6'ers. Cause where he from they call it The Six and Gucci Mane from Zone 6. Then we just ran with it right there, and then Mike WiLL just jumped in like, 'Ay, yeah me and Zay start on that, we'll do the beats for it, we'll start on it right now.' And everybody was in agreeance with it, so it's like, okay that's what we gunna do. And we already started doing songs for it."

He added that so far two songs are complete, "We had started recording songs that same day," he said. "I know we got like two concrete for-sure songs that'll go on the project."

No word yet how many tracks the EP will have, we'll keep you posted.