Tekashi 6ix9ine has been boasting ever since his performance last weekend in front of 15,000 people at Trillerfest in Miami, Florida. The rapper celebrated during a live stream with his close friend DJ Akademiks, during which he revealed his surprising pick for the current most disrespectful rapper-- aside from himself, of course. On the same call, 6ix9ine seemingly tried to start a feud with one of Florida's most recognized rappers, the equally ill-mannered Yungeen Ace.

Known for his ridiculously flagrant rhymes on the viral record "Who I Smoke" with Spinabenz and a couple of other Florida rappers, Yungeen Ace is currently fighting back against claims made by 6ix9ine during his stream with DJ Akademiks. 6ix9ine told his friend (and thousands of people live-commenting) that Yungeen Ace was actually backstage at his show, claiming that the rapper did not do anything to him when they crossed paths.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

"You wanna know something about Yungeen Ace? Yungeen Ace was at my show yesterday," said Tekashi on the call, which was screen-recorded and uploaded to Instagram. DJ Akademiks seemingly disregarded the comment and jumped right to the viral video of a man threatening to smack 6ix9ine before he jumped into the crowd, but Tekashi wanted to chat more about Yungeen Ace. "F*ck all that. Yungeen Ace was at my show yesterday," he said again. "F*ck all of the things that we talking about. Street rappers were at my show yesterday. If they want the static, I was there. He was at the show. He was backstage, he seen me, everything."

Not wanting to be associated with 6ix9ine in this way, Yungeen Ace quickly jumped back by claiming the rapper was lying on his name. "Mannn dis n***a So Cap bra [laughing emojis] wdf," he wrote on Instagram.

While Ace might be trying to disassociate from the situation, DJ Akademiks is egging it on, sharing evidence that the rapper was present at Trillerfest at the same time as 6ix9ine. The blogger posted pictures of Yungeen Ace at the show, but they don't prove that he crossed paths with 6ix9ine.

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