While the U.K. drill scene might not be as popular in America as the original, Chicago-based sub-genre, it's been a hot topic in the U.K. for a long time. While U.K. drill differs sonically from it's American counterpart, both genres share an emphasis on aggression and gang violence, reflecting the environments from which they were born. 

In the past, authorities in the U.K. have tried to link the popularity of drill music to a rise in the urban crime rate, specifically in the rise of knife crime. Now, the police are taking steps to try and put a stop to the music, with the help of YouTube. 

According to the Guardian, YouTube has recently deleted 30 videos from U.K. drill artists after complaints from the Metropolitan Police that the lyrics were inciting violence. The video feature many of the same things that a normal American rap video might, such as violent lyrics, and throwing up gang signs. The police say they have built up a database of 1400 videos as an intelligence tool to help reduce violent crime. 

"Drill music is associated with lyrics which are about glamorising serious violence: murder, stabbings," Cressida Dick, the Met police commissioner, said in a radio interview this month. "They describe the stabbings in great detail, joy and excitement. Extreme violence against women is often talked about."

Steps are being taken to try and reverse the policy. According to Fader, U.K. drill crew 1011 have started a petition to have their videos reinstated and to stop banning them from YouTube.