It's about time we got some new music from Young Thug. The Atlanta based rapper has been a mainstay in the rap game for years but before today, he had curiously never dropped his debut album. Although projects like Jeffery, Barter 6, Beautiful Thugger Girls, and others feel complete, the artist chose to release them as commercial mixtapes, leaving himself tons of time to come out with the perfect debut. At this point, we all know (and love) what Thugger has to offer. His vocal stylings are unlike anybody else. His pitch is out of control and his delivery is wonderfully bizarre. His mind works differently than anybody else making music today and finally, he's come through with his new record So Much Fun

Leaving the album in mystery until last week, the Slime God told us that on his birthday (today!), he would be dropping some fresh tunes. Nineteen songs later, we've got his official debut and so far, fans are really feeling it. There are listeners calling it the best album of all time (which is certainly a bit of a stretch, even if it is dope) and there are those noting that they thoroughly enjoyed it. The point of this is that, judging from people's reactions, everyone seem to be walking out of So Much Fun with a positive outlook on Thug. He's been hustling for so long and, for some odd reason, he's not yet viewed as a superstar in the mainstream. Maybe this will change things. 

How did you like the album? Will it be staying in rotation for a while?