When Young Thug was in the midst of promoting Slime Language earlier in the year, part of his marketing strategy was to send living breathing snakes to major media offices, ours included. What Young Thug was inferring by the gesture was anyone's guess, but he did it nonetheless. He had gone to the trouble of naming each snake piecemeal, along with individualized memo. Ours arrived with a note clipped to the snake denoting her predetermined name, "Spaghetti." We fell in love with Spag - instantly!  

Our video team was particularly smitten with the creature.  They wanted to keep her as a pet, but building regulations were damn-near impossible to circumvent, so we made the arrangements with Vice coordinated the snake's return to a remote farm location, under the most regrettable of circumstances.

Over at SPIN, whose head office is adjacent to ours in NYC, the "snake handling" was brokered differently. They too received a pet snake by mail, one that Young Thug had named "Digits." In this instance, SPIN chose to hold onto the snake for the sake of office morale. And although they did their best to keep her nourished, we regret to inform you that "Digits'" life has come full circle. Young Thug will saddened to learn that one of the esteemed Slime Language mascots perished during a shift change, as per SPIN's VP of Content. 

“I hope she passed peacefully," was the memo passed around SPIN's head office this morning. RIP to "Digits."