It seems as though Young Thug may have been the victim of a dishonest realtor, judging by massive dropoff incurred by his Atlanta mansion on the resale market. Upon his release from prison in late November of last year, Thugger put his mansion on the open market. Then valued at $3 million, as per the initial appraisal he was offered by the "dishonest realtor" in question. The 7-bedroom estate isn't lacking in amenities, as it boasts ample space to frolic about (1,000 square feet in total), an indoor pool, a multi-use garage, and countless other "non-essential" elements.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

By that token, I'm speaking to the average Joe; a theater room and the other amenities listed in the original mockup, pale in comparison to what I've seen listed in the upper reaches of the real estate market. None of that is of any concern to Young Thug, because the current evaluation speaks to the cruddy foundation the tenement is built over, problems he has thus far attributed to the "dishonest realtor" and not the builders themselves.

As outlined in previous damage reports, Young Thug purchased the home without making any changes to the property's structural foundation, which goes to explain the hard stance he's taken against the Heritage Select Homes consortium back in January. DJ Vlad is now reporting that Thugger's ATL mansion is now being sold for $1,000,000 below the initial mark-up. Although most publications listed his purchase at $3 million, he actually came into its possession at a modest $2.75 million. The property is currently listed at a $2 million asking price, and counting. At this point, Young Thug is running out of options to keep the residence at a lofty sales point.