Young Thug is definitely a man that's a bit hard to nail down, there are plenty of stories out there about Thugger's tendency to show up late or not at all-- and this isn't just for interviews or press, even his own music video shoots can be victim to the rapper's sense of time (or lack thereof).

Thus, it's not all too surprising to find out the rapper was a no-show for a New York gig last year, and now it's going to cost him. Thug is facing a $360,000 lawsuit from an NYC-based event organizer. The suit, filed by Nicholas Fitts, claims that he and Thugger signed a contract for Thug to play a concert at Sahlens Stadium in Rochester, New York. The contract was worth $55,000.

According to Fitts' lawsuit, which was filed January 17, Young Thug "did not have a valid legal reason for his failure to perform." The missed show dates back to August 13, 2016, and was a part of the Roc Summer Explosion event.

Fitts claims he lost $201,620 in ticket sales alone. He breaks down his costs in the lawsuit as follows:

• $27,500 for a deposit

• $11,216 in security costs

• $33,600 for lighting and sound

• $57,446 in printing, promotion, venue rental, insurance and equipment

Young Thug and his YSL company have yet to respond to the lawsuit. We'll keep you posted as it unravels.

[via AJC]