Young Thug just jumped on Instagram to preview a lyric video for an upcoming single with Nicki Minaj. It seems all her musical dalliances are coming to light a the same time. Thugger who has since changed his name to SEX, also received a co-sign from his mixing engineer Alex Tumay who seems to have been in on the project. They both shared this video:

In the video, a boy interprets Young Thug's lyrics through American Sign Language (ASL). Nicki Minaj's interjection can be heard at the very beginning of the clip, before Thugger barrels into his verse:

I never killed anybody but I got something to do with that body.
I got the streets on my back, carry it like I'm moving the body.
I told him to shoot a hundred rounds..

This all but confirms the mysterious doings of both Thugger and Nicki. the former tweeted out the number 3 out of consequence. Days earlier, Nicki had tweeted the number 4 out of nowhere and quickly deleted. It appears the two rappers were counting down to their collaboration, in a way that arouses both interest and suspicion. We are but a few steps away from seeing the finished product.