UPDATE #2: Yet another snippet, and this one's produced by Goose (Wit Another One). Thugger's bringing out all of his secret weapons on Jeffery

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Ricky Racks, the "Best Friend" producer who was the focus of a March installment of Behind the Beat, will make an appearance on Jeffery. Thug went on Instagram to share another snippet of a new Jeffery track today by posting a video of himself rapping an entire verse from a Ricky Racks-produced song. He included the lyrics of said verse in the caption of his post. In this particular verse, Thug addresses certain acquaintances of his who use him for his wealth while he tirelessly devotes himself to his craft. 

Before he releases the long-awaited Hi-Tunes, which will technically be his debut album -- though not his first commercial release, Young Thug will release another mixtape: Jeffery. The title is inspired by Thug's first name, albeit with a slightly different spelling (don't ask...). When it drops, Jeffery will be his third tape of the year, following I'm Up and Slime Season 3.

Thug announced the tape a week ago by sharing a snippet of one of its tracks, during which he can be heard laying down an introspective spoken word intro. It was soon revealed that the tape would be executive produced by TM88, who was the DJ on Thug's recent "Hi-Tunes" tour, as well as Wheezy, who contributed four tracks to I'm Up and also produced Thug's latest single, "Gangster Shit." Three days ago, Wheezy told his fans that they could expect to receive Jeffery "any day now," so it's assumed that the project has been recorded and is ready for release. 

It's TM88's belief that "Jeffery is gonna change the game," and going off the recent snippets of the tape that Thug has shared on his Instagram, the 808 Mafia producer is absolutely right. 

Thug recently shared a video of himself getting a pedicure while a romantic-sounding Jeffery track plays in the background. In the rather graphic clip, he zooms the camera in on his pedicured toes, which are separated by $100 bills. 

 This one's already sounding like a hit. 

While driving in a luxurious whip, Thug blasted a highly turnt Jeffery joint that has got to be produced by TM88. "I fuck on yo baby mama," he wildly chants on the hook. The next one sounds fire as well, though you'll likely be distracted by Thug's behind-the-wheel shenanigans. 

During the same drive, Thug provided two extended snippets of another particularly saucy Jeffery song, and man oh man...he's sounding as zoned-in as he's ever been. Slime Season 3 dropped about four months ago, and fans are more than ready for some new Thugger to soundtrack the rest of the summer.