For reasons unknown, Young Thug recently found himself hospitalized with an IV in his arm. Last night, Thugger took to Instagram to share a photo of his predicament, though the severity of his condition remains unknown. If his spirits are any indication of his state, the fact that his sense of humor remains sharp bodes well. "I think it's cause I'm still #1," writes Thugger, as he lays back in on his hospital bed. Clearly, his appetite hasn't been affected; the man has chips on hand, having already put in work on one of the bags. 

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Perhaps his strenuous schedule played a role in his hospitalization, though until we hear from the man himself, all we can really do is speculate. It's hardly the first time Thugger has found himself in a hospital bed for reasons unknown. Last September, similar photos emerged on IG, prompting his fans to backslide into a tailspin of concern. Whatever ultimately brought King Slime here, we can only hope that it's not drug-related. 

Be sure to send some positive energy to Thugger, who in all likelihood could use a bit of rest and relaxation. Hopefully, he can get back on his feet, and return to having So Much Fun in no time. 

Image via IG