As we all wait for On The Rvn to finally arrive, eyes are glued to Young Thug's social media accounts in case he drops it out of the blue. The project was supposed to be released a week ago but due to sample clearance issues and a few days spent in jail, Thugger's new album was delayed. With no updated date having been announced, all we're working off is the fact that it's coming "sooner than you think," according to the artist. As attention on Thug is a little higher than usual, fans started freaking out a few moments after the Slime God posted footage of himself in the hospital. Whether or not this will cause another delay is unknown... right now, we're just hoping Jeffery is alright.

The whole situation is pretty cryptic as two uploads were made to the Atlanta artist's Instagram. The first shows somebody in a hospital bed and while the face is not visible, it is assumed to be Jeffery. The next is a short video where Thug writes, "Sisters love me," showing a card and a bouquet of flowers that were brought for him. From the looks of the card, it appears as though Thugger may just have been feeling under the weather and is at the hospital to speed up the recovery process. Perhaps he was dealing with exhaustion or dehydration. Both would make sense since he's been hard at work on his music.

Hopefully, Thug gets well soon so we can all enjoy his new album together.