When you've got money coming in like Young Thug and Roddy Ricch, you can afford to get a little reckless while betting with friends. It remains unclear what exactly the two rappers were betting on earlier this month but Roddy Ricch admitted that he lost their battle, needing to cough up "400 blue strips" to the Atlanta rapper. Perhaps he was just waiting for his next check to come in from Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial but a couple of weeks have passed and Thugger still hasn't seen any of the cash. With the holidays coming up, he could certainly use an extra $40K so he's taking action, moving things over to video format and demanding his cash.


Over the weekend, Young Thug sent out a friendly reminder to the buzzing rapper to get him his money, noting that he won't wait forever. "Somebody tell Roddy, bring me $40,000. I'm here," said Thug on record. The addition to his Instagram story was in good fun, showing the recording artist with a big smile on his face before he started laughing. 

Even though Thug is just joking around, he doesn't play about his money. Roddy Ricch knows he's got to pay up and he fully intends on dropping some racks on his peer when they see each other next.