There's no escaping it. The days in which albums can be tinkered with after-the-fact are upon us, a trend seemingly kicked off by Kanye West's "living album" The Life Of Pablo. For better or worse, artists are free to add or remove artists at a moment's notice, even if fans have already come to love the song in its original state. Today, Young Thug's So Much Fun is among the latest to receive a major change. As of now, "Ecstasy" features a new verse from Machine Gun Kelly, who comes through to replace Thugger's second verse.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images 

The collaboration seems like a logical one, given that Thugger and Machine Gun have developed a sturdy friendship, what with their upcoming Fall tour on the horizon. As for the verse itself, MGK fares well on the early-album highlight, though it's sad to see Thug's original verse purged entirely. "Inside of my house look like Colombia, I love it, Bloody fingerprints on my fingers, you countin' on us," raps Kelly. "Went from watching Goodfellas to keep it in the cupboard, guns are just like pussy, pull it out you better bust it." 

As of now, "Ecstasy" appears to be updated on all major streaming services. You can check out the track below, and sound off - did Machine Gun Kelly add a new layer to this one?