Young Scooter's hype was just starting to grow when he got locked up. The Brick Squad rapper was taken into DeKalb County Jail on April 8th for a probation violation, and actually ended up sharing a cell with his friend and frequent collaborator Gucci Mane while serving his time.

Not long before his jail stint, Scooter released both his own Street Lottery tape, as well as a collaborative tape with Gucci, Free Bricks 2. The Atlanta rapper actually managed to record his From The Cell Block To Your Block mixtape through a jail phone during his sentence. 

While it's not clear just how recently, Scooter has now been released from jail. MTV has revealed footage of the rapper being reunited with his daughter upon his release.

As a free man, Scooter will be redefining the concept of a "release" party tonight, and has announced that Free Bricks 2 is on the way. Still no word on his delayed Juug House album.