The Memphis rapper is helping his community in a big way after the shocking death of a 10-year-old boy, Jaheim McKinzie, who stabbed himself.

Fox 13 News reports that after Robin McKinzie was whipping and chocking her son with an extension cord as a form of discipline, he then ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and stabbed himself in the chest. Robin is of course in custody facing charges of child abuse. 

XXL reports that Yo Gotti will be fronting the funeral costs for the young boy after hearing the tragic story, as a way to give back to his hometown that raised him to be the rapper he is today.

In a recent sit down with The Breakfast Club, where Yo Gotti was doing some promo for his last album I Still Amthe rapper was asked about his ongoing beef with fellow Memphis resident, Young Dolph. Yo Gotti told the crew that the best way to stay out of the drama is to pay it no mind. 

“Most time it take two people to be in any altercation naw Im saying? If you really watch me you don't see me saying anything or doing nothing. I just pay it no mind," he said. When asked whether he and the Thinking Out Loud rapper will ever talk again or be on good terms he said, “I really don't think about these things ‘know what Im saying? I just do me. I wake up, I got some much of my own personal shit own my plate I don't have time to think about things that don't generate no money or things that don't pay me no minds."


In another snippet from the interview, Yo Gotti shows the crew the last text message he sent to Dolph, telling him they both gotta "stay down and make the right decisions and you can win big.” The rest of the text read: “You in a good space in Memphis. but you gotta take that shit from there to the world and it’s gon’ turn into money. I like your grind my nigga; when I was in your position, none of them niggas who could’ve helped me did. Our city fucked up and I’m trying to stop letting history repeat itself and show niggas we can get money together and everybody be on some boss shit.”