Fresh off the release of his new album I Still Am, Yo Gotti made his way out to NYC this week and did the usual promo run, stopping by The Breakfast Club yesterday and later visiting Hot 97 & the Ebro In The Morning crew.

Sitting down for 22-minutes, the Memphis rapped talked with Ebro, Rosenberg, & Laura Styles about pretty much everything happening in his life right now. From working with Jay Z & his new deal with Puma to the success of “Rake It Up” & the difference between the strippers & bartenders, Gotti answers all questions thrown his way. However as you could’ve guessed, the most intriguing part of the interview for most fans is when he addressed his on-going beef with fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

When Ebro asked Gotti a couple questions about how he manages to keep his name dragged around in the beef and what he could do to stop it, Gott simply said “pay it no mind” to both. “Most time it take two people to be in any altercation naw Im saying? If you really watch me you don't see me saying anything or doing nothing. I just pay it no mind” Gotti says.

Then Ebro went ahead and asked Gotti if there will ever be a time that him & Dolph talk again, which he replied “I don't know.” “I really don't think about these things ‘know what Im saying? I just do me. I wake up, I got some much of my own personal shit own my plate I don't have time to think about things that don't generate no money or things that don't pay me no minds,” he added.

Gotti later added that he denied the beef with Dolph over three years ago when Rosenberg tried mentioning a possible sit-down with Dolph. “Ive been sitting here saying I had nothing to do with it three years ago.” Gotti said.

It’s pretty evident by Gotti’s tone of voice and mannerisms that he might be really telling the truth and doesn’t worry about the Dolph beef in his every day life. As he said, it’s more of a media hype thing, and something he doesn't pay any minds too, but who knows. Let’s just hope they stop the beef soon though, they’re both very much needed in hip-hop.

Check out the full interview (below) and peep the Dolph-talk around the 6:30 mark.