A recent campaign for the Shelby County Schools in Memphis which featured Yo Gotti's has received local backlash which has prompted the Billboard of him to be removed.

WMC5 Action News reported on Friday that a Billboard featuring Yo Gotti was removed within 24 hours of it being placed. The billboard featured the rapper's face along with the words "Product Of Public Schools" and a logo for the Shelby County Schools at the bottom right corner. According to auto shop workers near by, it was taken down due to the controversy surrounding it.

Some people were critical of Yo Gotti's inclusion while others acknowledged the fact that Yo Gotti does solid work for the community. Gotti is also a graduate from Trezevant High School.

A student's parent said, "Anyone else would be better but not him. Definitely not him."

However, the owner of the property where the Billboard didn't seem to think Yo Gotti was a bad choice for the billboard.

"I am not saying this guy is a perfect guy for the billboard, but he's doing things," he said.

The controversy surrounding Gotti is due the content in his music and what some feel are "explicit lyrics." Intererstingly enough, Yo Gotti received the key to Memphis last year.

The Shelby County School issued a statement to WMC5 Action News about including Yo Gotti.

"The billboard isn’t an endorsement of Yo Gotti or his lyrics, but we wanted a figure in the community that kids could recognize and relate to. Gotti has done a lot of good in the Frayser community in the past and supported schools in the area." They said.

Check the newscast below.