YG has seen plenty of success with his debut album My Krazy Life, and some of this success is due to the catchy, new West Coast sound provided by YG's partner in crime, DJ Mustard. Mustard handled the majority, although not all, of the production on My Krazy Life, and the two have definitely evolved together as a rapper/producer duo over the years. Now that they're in the spotlight, many are wondering what they'll do next. It looks like the next move, perhaps unsurprisingly, will be to launch their own record label.

While talking to 93.7 The Beat in Houston, the Compton native spoke on himself and Mustard being heralded as the new "Snoop and Dre." 

"That's a blessing", YG said in response to the label. "I get why they lookin' at us like that. You feel me like, it's the music, but at the same time, when Snoop and Dre was coming up they was homies and me and Mustard is homies too. When I go on my tour Mustard the DJ. This is like a movement and people see that, so that's part of the reason why they saying we the new Snoop and Dre. And we got the music too. Snoop actually said it himself."

During the second part of his conversation with Devi Dev, YG revealed that he's got a "little situation going on" with DJ Mustard and Ty Dolla $ign. By that, he means a label situation.

"Me, Mustard and Ty got a label. We got a little situation going on. We got a situation that's about to occur. Pushaz Ink the label. Ty own part of it, Mustard own part of it, I own part of it. So you know it's about to get real," YG said excitedly.

Watch the interview below.