YG is on top of his game right now, along with his producing partner DJ Mustard, the duo are being tapped as the new "Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre."Freddie Gibbs even called YG the "new Eazy-E." Whether or not you believe either of those claims to be true, there's no denying that YG is putting West Coast gangsta rap back in heavy rotation, along with rappers like ScHoolboy Q.

We got our newest interview host, Baker, to meet up with YG while the L.A. native was out in the DMV area. Given YG's debut album is called My Krazy Life, we wanted to find out what exactly the average day is like for YG out in his hometown of Bompton.

"The average day of being in Bompton...Oh man, just like, you on the block, you hangin' out, you outside. Anything could happen, so most of the time, you strapped up, or one of your homies is strapped up. And it's just like, you outside, you ready for war, 'cause somebody could roll by, pull up, hop out, start shooting, either you stand there and get shot or you gon' shoot back. So you strapped-- nobody wanna die, so you ready to shoot me. That's an average day for me in Bompton. 'Cause I be on the block, I ain't tryna die, I got stuff going on", YG detailed. "But then you got different type of days. But when you on the block hanging out the majority of time, you strapped, 'cause if you not, you slippin'."

When asked what would be the next single off My Krazy Life, YG told us to stay tuned, because he's not even sure at this point. If you had to choose, what would be YG's next single? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the full interview go down below.