YFN Lucci continues to make noise in the Atlanta music scene, already dropping an EP and an album this year. Both Freda's Son and Ray Ray From Summerhill have been received well by fans as he rises among Atlanta's strong core of rappers. Having recently begun dating rap legend Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae means that Lucci may get some behind-the-scenes tips on how to make an even bigger name for himself. That is if he stays on Wayne's good side. When a Twitter user pointed out the significant difference in age between YFN and Reginae, Lucci felt a need to remind the hater that he's still pretty young himself.

The hater tagged Lucci on Twitter, writing, "I’d beat the shit out a ni66a 30yrs old trying date my 18-19 yr old daughter. Lame ass nigga @YFNLUCCI." Making sure not to give Weezy any ideas, Lucci was quick to respond with a swift: "Who 30 bitch ?" At 27 years old, Lucci is nine years older than his girlfriend. While the age gap is not as significant as many observed, the ATL rapper is actually closer in age to her father Wayne. 

Reginae and Lucci are still going strong, being crowned prom king and queen at the "InstaGala." In the past, people have not gotten as pressed about a larger difference in age in regards to celebrity relationships. In fact, Jay-Z is 12 years Beyoncé's senior and they've ended up as music royalty. Could Lucci and Nae be next up?