For whatever reason, the pursuit of "prom royalty" has been a driving force for young people across the nation. Any eighties coming-of-age flick worth its salt tended to climax in a crowning ceremony, and even today, the youth continue their narcissistic pursuit. Evidently, the title of "prom king" or "prom queen" is at once revered and ridiculed, though the detractors are generally those without a fighting chance at victory. Yet it's no easy feat, especially given the once-in-a-lifetime nature of the beast. Luckily for Reginae Carter and new boyfriend YFN Lucci, they recently found themselves given a second chance. 

The couple recently hit up the InstaGala in Atlanta, billed as a "Grown-Up prom." Naturally, the gowns were trotted out for the occasion, and punch bowls were no doubt spiked on the low. While competition was assumed to be fierce, it would appear that Carter and Lucci managed to secure the dub, walking away with the coveted position of King and Queen. While it's largely a ceremonial title, you've gotta admire the love the two seem to share; hip-hop could always benefit from a little bit more romance. 

While ya'll no doubt came for the gossip, stay for the music. YFN Lucci recently dropped off his Ray Ray From Summerhill project, and it's a good look for the Atlanta rapper. Be sure to show some support by checking out the project right here.