When you're the manager of a controversial hip-hop talent, navigating that court of public opinion can be difficult sometimes. On the one hand, financial success or a strong fan base will give you optimism moving forward about the given rapper's career, but defending and/or associating yourself with repeated stories of unseemly personal conduct can also be tiresome. The latter reason is more than likely why XXXTentacion used social media to announce that he's presently looking for a new manager.

Publishing the update in his Instagram story, the 17 emecee admitted that he was "seeking out new management," focused on hiring a person or group of people that are able to provide him with "good help for the next chapter" of his much-talked about career in the hip-hop game so far. With tens of millions of plays on streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify combined, there's no denying that X has an engaged audience that continues to consume his music in rabid fashion. However, the continued sparking of controversy, seen most recently when he wrongfully called out the Migos for supposedly jumping him in Los Angeles, might be a dealbreaker for many an applicant.

To be fair, there's no indication as to his last management team left of their own accord or were jettisoned by the rapper for reasons of his own. That being said, the double-edged sword that would be trying to further the career of the Florida native cannot be underestimated. Musically, though, it seems like XXXTentacion is looking to go back to his roots, with looser production and less emotional cloying present on his latest track, "Red Light!" Featuring some serious lo-fi sonic assembly and vocals that are oversaturated and, for the most part, seemingly unplanned, XXXTentacion could be taking rap's grunge phase into new, uncharted territory with his upcoming album, which is said to be called Bad Vibes Forever.

Would you put your name on an application to be XXXTentacion's new manager? Or do you think he's an artist who isn't worth all of the PR hassle? Let us know in the comments.