WWE fans won't have to worry about the possibility of Roman Reigns leaving the company for a competing brand like All Elite Wrestling. 

Reigns and the WWE have confirmed that The Big Dog has signed a multi-year contract extension that will keep him competing on Monday Night Raw and/or SmackDown Live for the foreseeable future. 

Reigns, who is among the top stars in the WWE, is currently a member of the SmackDown roster although he isn't shy about jumping over to the red brand if need be. He is currently embroiled in a manhunt to find out which WWE superstar has a hit on him.

Prior to the annual SummerSlam PPV, a mystery assailant orchestrated a forklift accident during a SmackDown Live segment in an attempt to injury Reigns. Days later, they attempted to run Reigns over as he arrived in the parking lot for Monday Night Raw.

It was initially believed that Daniel Bryan and his accomplice Erick Rowan were behind the attacks, but the duo have denied any involvement. In fact, Bryan launched his own investigation into the matter and he claims to know who was behind it all. Barring any swerves, Bryan will be revealing the findings of his investigation on the August 20th edition of SmackDown Live.