Wu-Tang Clan - People Say Feat. Redman

  August 24, 2017 13:55
People Say
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Wu Tang Clan drops a surprise banger.

Everyone knows that Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck with, unless of course you're Martin Shkreli obnoxiously copping their album and previewing tracks on the low. Still, the legendary Clan's reputation proceeds them, not unlike the legendary Shaolin warriors that RZA so frequently samples. Wu is one of those groups that hip-hop fans simply have no choice but to respect, and while they may not be operating at the heights of their prime, the group is clearly still capable of crafting a banger. And now, like a flying kick out of the blue, comes a Redman assisted loosie called "People Say."

The track finds the Clan navigating a smooth piano loop driven beat produced by Wu affiliate Mathematics and executive produced by the RZA. Even the album artwork is a throwback, with a comic-book style depiction of the Clan snarling and mean mugging like it's the PS1 cut "Wu Tang: Shoalin Style."

Now, it goes without saying that each Wu member is capable of delivering bars, and the rule continues to prove true on this recent cut. And while Reggie Noble is not an official member of the Clan, he's damn well honorary, having shone on collaborative cuts like the ominous "Redbull." Method Man and Raekwon prove adept on this sort of beat, bringing forth a solid collision of charisma and rugged lyricism. Unfortunately, the track is only available in select international markets, but will drop worldwide before long. 

As for origin, there's no telling if "People Say" is slated to appear on an upcoming album. Wu's last studio release was 2014's A Better Tomorrow, which preceded the notorious "single-copy" album, which ultimately landed in the open arms of the since-arrested Pharma bro. And while we may never get to hear that elusive record, this new single gives hope that the Clan intends to ride once again.

Quotable Lyrics

See I don't dab and I don't nay nay
Got bottles coming out warriors come out and play-ay
Just know I'm grade A, get a slice of bread
Okay, some hoods love me, some would like me dead

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