Earlier this week, Future was exposed by a supposed Instagram model who flew out to California to meet with him but was left stranded after she allegedly refused to have sex with him. Shamartess Whitsett called out Future online, revealing exactly what happened. Having met with the rapper earlier in Miami, the Instagram personality felt comfortable enough around him to buy a flight to Los Angeles to meet with him, which Future said he would pay her back for. When she arrived at her hotel though, everything started to go downhill.

In her first interview since exposing the "March Madness" singer, Shamartess spoke with Boom 103.9 to elaborate on what went down. Informing the host that she is actually a hairstylist and not an IG model, she revealed that the two had met on Instagram when Fewtch asked for her number. They reportedly met in March and hung out three weeks ago in Miami when Shamartess went to the studio to hear the music he was working on. According to her, Future didn't "try anything" with her then and she didn't expect him to in L.A. either. Things went awry when the rapper called her on FaceTime and told her she should be waiting for him "with lingerie on." The hairstylist said it never once crossed her mind that he would try and have sex with her as she thought they "would just meet up again and chill" like in Miami.

Future has not yet commented on the alleged incident and only Shamartess' account is available. We will keep you updated on any possible response to the allegations.