Rockstars live a lavish lifestyle. Parties every night, loads of free stuff and all the drinks, drugs and women that you can imagine. While it seems glamorous, it's difficult to believe that everybody is up to live in such a way. While some are certainly more inclined to live the rockstar lifestyle, others simply cannot handle the cons of being a celebrity in modern-day Hollywood. Future has consistently shown in his music to be into an extravagant style of living. It's no surprise to hear that he flew out an Instagram model to his hotel in California but, when she told him she wasn't down to get intimate with him, the star allegedly left her stranded without a hotel, refusing to refund her plane ticket or even see her.

After texting for a while, Instagram model Shamartess Whitsett alleges that Future offered to fly her out to spend some time with him. While she figured the two would be having some platonic fun, perhaps playing Scrabble before his performances, Future shockingly wanted a little more. After chilling with him in the studio in Miami, Fewtch wanted to see her again, offering to fly her out and refund her the cost of a trip to L.A. Exposing her text message conversations with him on Facebook, Shamartess seemingly refused to have sex with the rapper, causing him to hit her with an "Smh," leaving her stranded and not reimbursing her the $550 he owed her for the flight.

While only one side of the story is available at the moment, it's not all too shocking to hear of something like this happening. Check out the text message conversations below, as well as her reveal on social media.