Wiz Khalifa's spent the past fourteen years of his life dedicated the rap game. Before becoming the global icon he is today, he put in a crazy amount of work. His day-one fans recall his mixtape run in the late 00s which made him one of the most promising artists of his generation. Apple Music announced that they'll be launching a new docu-series on the rise of Wiz Khalifa that's set to launch next week. 

Variety reports that Apple Music will be launching their docuseries on Wiz Khalifa on April 17th. Wiz Khalifa: Behind The Cam will go into the most intimate aspects of Wiz’s life,” according to the announcement. It'll show archival footage from his 10-year plus career and include interviews with the people closest to him. The docuseries will consist of five episodes which will be entirely available on its release date.

The trailer of the docuseries showcases footage from Wiz's early days, performing in front of small audiences. 

“Taylor Gang has been with me since the start, so I wanted to make something to show just how far we’ve come,” Wiz said about the docuseries. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

SMAC Entertainment, Taylor Gang, Dirty Robber, and Atlantic Records serve as the docuseries producers. Michael Strahan, executive producer of the docuseries, said,  “Wiz and I both share a passion for family, friendship and hard work, and that’s exactly what you’ll see from him in this series. We’re excited to team up with Apple Music and give the world an intimate look into the rise of an entertainment icon.”