Taylor Gang's Tuki Carter released "She Said," a collaboration with his boss, Wiz Khalifa back in May, and when the two decided to film a video for the track, HNHH got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what to expect from the visuals, as well as some candid banter from Wiz, Tuki, and the new Taylor Gang signee Ty Dolla $ign.

Talking to HNHH, Wiz sarcastically alluded to the fact that he and Tuki had never seen each other before. “Tuki Carter, he's killing it, this is my first time getting to meet him,” he joked. 

Tuki was very grateful to get his boss on the single, and in the video in particular. He spoke on getting to collab with Khalifa. “I was tripping. Wiz jumped on the song, and then he was okay with the video. Sometimes you can get a song without the video," adding playfully, "But I never met him.”

The two then weighed in on what "ratchet" means, and how it's been applied to the video. "There's different definitions of ratchet," said Wiz. "But this is 'classy ratchet' like he said. You know ratchet niggas with money."

Ty$ also showed up to give his opinion on the debate, “Ratchet is just having fun, turnin' up,” he argued.

Khalifa made sure to clarify that he might have too much money to ever be completely ratchet. “I've got on too many diamonds to be ratchet though” he said.

Watch the full interview and behind-the-scenes below. Check out some photos from the set in the gallery above.