Is there really any guest who would deny Joe Rogan an appearance on his podcast? The much-beloved podcast host had hip-hop fans wagging at the mouth for a possible Kanye West episode, although the absence of such a podcast sounds like it's more because Joe Rogan doesn't feel as though Kanye is in the right place mentally right now to even do it-- it's more of a Joe lack-of-desire than a Kanye one, perhaps. The guy did just go on David Letterman's new Netflix show, after all.

Nonetheless, if you're one of Joe's millions of subscribers, you woke up this morning to a new episode in your Podcast library that features none other than Wiz Khalifa. We all know that Joe Rogan smokes a blunt or two from time to time, although, when put in the presence of Wiz, that's light work. The rapper divulges he smokes an ounce a day, in comparison to Joe's paltry one-joint (maybe) a day. This revelation leaves Joe shook.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

The unlikely pair don't stay on the topic of marijuana and related drugs for too long though, although Wiz does reveal that Amber Rose is using CBD to help cope with her pregnancy pains. As anyone knows if they've seen Wiz on Instagram this past year, the rapper has gone through quite a physical transformation. The two bond over Muay Thai discussions, talking about where and how they train, with Wiz detailing how training in Muay Thai has helped him beyond just the obvious physical aspects. Khalifa discusses his current health protocol, which involves meal prep (for inquiring minds, he does confirm "I'm single" on the podcast, and thus there is no lady at home to cook him meals), as they delve further into fitness talk.

In true Joe Rogan fashion, the conversation spans more than two hours. There is plenty to sink your teeth into here, watch below and enjoy.

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