Today we've got some more details on the recent assault by Kanye West on an 18-year old man. As you may be aware, 'Ye is now a suspect in a criminal battery investigation because of the beating he gave to a man who hurled racial slurs at Kim Kardashian in a doctor's waiting room earlier this week.

An eye witness has shared what went down in the chiropractor's office with TMZ. According to the witness, the 18-year old was sitting in a chair in the office when Kanye walked in and made a beeline for him. He immediately began pummelling the man without saying a word, as the guy attempted to cover his face and eventually curled up into a ball. The secretary screamed at Kanye to stop but he wouldn't, until the massage therapist came out and pulled Kanye off the man. Yeezy allegedly laid down more than 30 punches, while Kim watched silently the whole time.

Once Kanye was pulled off the dude, he left the building, and Kim went into another office.