Geto Boys have never had an issue being direct with their audience. The rap legends known as Scarface, Bushwick Bill, and Willie D revolutionized the Houston scene and they never shied away from voicing their opinions. In recent years, Willie D has remained one of the more assertive figures in pop culture, discussing some of the most damning events happening today. Several years ago, he called out basketball analyst Charles Barkley in a song called "C**n" where he accused the man of speaking down on his race. Their differences still haven't cleared up and, upon hearing about Kobe Bryant's death this weekend, Willie D wished another legend was taken away instead.

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

"It’s okay to question God," wrote the rapper on social media, filming a video where he expresses his shock at the passing of Kobe Bryant. "In the wake of the late, great Kobe Bryant dying tragically, suddenly, young, a lot of people are in pain all over the world. Some people are saying it feels like the loss of a family member. I agree. Kobe was a good dude. So much so that some people are questioning God. I got a question for God too. Why Kobe? How come you didn't take Charles Barkley? No more talk."

The response to Willie D's post has been mixed with some fans echoing the sentiment and others reminding him that Barkley also has a family and it isn't right to wish death on anybody. What do you think?