Will Smith has one of the most engaging Instagram accounts out there. Somehow, a fan still felt like there was something missing from the content he's been sharing: sexy pictures. The fan took the issue to Smith's DMs and pleaded for the rectification of the oversight. "Can y'all post thirst traps of Will sometimes? Like damn, we know he a goofball but he don't gotta be one all the time," they wrote. "Give us some sexy for once please." Being the generous, fun-loving man that he is, Will indulged his admirer and obliged by sharing a tasty photoset to Instagram.

 Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

He couldn't help but add humor to the post, referencing his upcoming movie in the caption: "Y’all ‘bout to let the Genie out da bottle!" The first images released of the actor's portrayal of the Genie in the Live Action version of Alladin prompted a good old roast. Then the film's trailer came out, reviving the humorous feedback. People were actually creeped out by the character. Some remarked how the Genie will likely dwell in their nightmares. After being dragged across the interwebs by the chin beard, reminding fans of his sex appeal is a slick move. Well played, Will.