A shocking video has emerged out of Jalandhar in India depicting a wild leopard attacking residents in a residential area. Forest and Wild Department officials in the principality believe the leopard run astray from its usual quarters in the mountainous Himachal Pradesh region before it converged on the town's central hub of activity.

The following video shows the leopard in full-stride, launching itself at bystanders non-discriminately. At least 4 individuals are believed to have been attacked before the wild animal was pelted and relocated for detainment, but not before locals tried in vain to capture it with a net.

The same Forest and Wildlife officials believe the leopard's actions were spurred by the locals who gathered around, inciting fear out of the disoriented animal. At least four locals are being treated for injuries as a consequence (another two injured persons were unofficially reported by The Tribune in India). The eventual capture of the animal took an estimated 9.5 hours to sedate. Once relocated, the Wildlife department professed a desire to treat the animal like one their own, by scanning its body for possible injuries.

"Dr MP Singh, Senior Veterinary Officer from Chhatbir, will soon reach the spot and see if more dose can be given. After rescuing him, we will examine if he has any injuries and needs care. We may keep him for some days if required," Kuldeep Kumar, the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, told the Indian press at large. The lesson of the day: if you spot a leopard, C yourself out.