The news of Cardi B and Offset's recent breakup shot Cuban Doll's name to the top of the notoriety list. Allegedly, Offset tried to wrangle Cuban Doll into a threesome with Summer Bunni, which was the last straw for Cardi. Although Doll has denied any association with Offset, her name has been tied into the drama none the less. This isn't the first circumstance of Cuban getting entwined in relationship drama this year either. Earlier in the year, her then-boyfriend Tadoe and Tekashi 6ix9ine sparked a beef over the luscious rapper. With her name being attached to two high profile fallouts in 2018, several hip-hop fans are asking themselves... who IS Cuban Doll? Here's a crash course on hip-hop new femme fatale. 

Cuban Doll's Real Name Is Unclear

Cuban Doll's government name isn't confirmed. She dropped a project called Aaliyah Keef in 2017, and several outlets, as well as fans, have made the assumption that, that is her government name. In an interview with BillboardCuban Doll names her favorite Aaliyah and Chief Keef songs. "Aaliyah, 'Age Ain't Nothing but a Number," she began. "I don't know if the song describes me to a T, but I love that song, or 'One in a Million.' For Chief Keef, I'd say 'Finito.'" 

In another interview with the FADER, she addresses the name speculation, without providing any solid information. She simply says, "Ever since that mixtape [Aaliyah Keef] people been calling me that, thinking it's my real name."

Upbringing In Dallas, Texas

In the same FADER interview, although Cuban does not properly clarify her government name, she does provide some insight as to how she was brought up. She reveals that her mom went to jail when she was only 15-years old, which meant that she was left with quite a load of responsibility. She had no communication with her mom while she was in prison, and it split up the family in a way too-- her younger brother moving to one area of town to stay with their grandmother, her older brother stayed on his own, while Cuban stayed with a friend. Even with this tumultous upbringing, she says it's made her a stronger person.

Cuban Doll Started As A Social Media Personality

Dating back to 2012, Cuban Doll took Instagram and Twitter by storm. She posted her modeling pictures and chronicled her lifestyle, amassing over a million followers in the process. Her bodacious Instagram pics are still on full display, but she's transitioned to a life of rap since then.

Cuban Doll Started Rapping In 2017

Doll stuck to the social media grind until she decided to become a rapper. In the same Billboard interview, she noted that last Fall was the first time she chose to make music after hanging in the studio with rappers. "It was like last year in October," she explained. "I had actually wrote a song in my phone and I was like, 'I'm gonna record it.' I was hella shy."

Cuban Doll Dropped Her Self-Titled Debut Last Year

After finding a niche in the rap game, Cuban dropped off her self-titled mixtape late in 2017. She recorded much of the project in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. The mixtape featured guest appearances from Molly Brazy and The Step Sisters. 

Brandon Williams/Getty Images for BET

She Dated Tadoe & Was At The Center Of His Beef With Tekashi 6ix9ine

When Chief Keef's cousin Tadoe saw his then-girlfriend Cuban Doll chilling with Tekashi 6ix9ine on social media, he attempted to end their friendship. He went on the now-viral rant where he threatened to kill Tekashi if he didn't lose Cuban Doll's number. 

Tadoe Allegedly Abused Cuban Doll For Associating With Tekashi

Cuban Doll spoke out about her abuse at the hands of Tadoe earlier this year. "I've been scared to speak out on this situation but I refuse to continue to hurt in silence," she explained after displaying the marks her man left on her. Speculation and timing has lead to the assumption that Tekashi's refusal to stop talking to Doll is what caused Tadoe to lash out. "This isn't the first or second or third time that this has happened to me. It has been happening for a while and I never spoke about it publicly because I never want people to think that I'm weak."

Cuban Doll & Tekashi 6ix9ine's Baby's Momma Are Beefing

Before the Cardi B and Offset were immersed in cheating scandals, Cuban Doll was beefing with another rapper's lover. Tekashi's baby's momma and Cuban Doll have been firing shots at each other online for months. 

Leaked Text Messages From A Friend Of Cuban Doll Caused The Cardi B/Offset Split

Offset and his infidelity was rumored to be an issue for Cardi for quite some time. Fans thought "Be Careful" was a direct jab at Offset, but talks of the two calling it quits died down after their baby daughter, Kulture, was born. Cuban Doll's former best friend @mmmforeign, who has since been identified as Summer Bunni, leaked screenshots of Offset asking for a threesome with Cuban Doll and herself. The explosive texts are allegedly what set Cardi B off. Cuban Doll has been adamant that there is no truth in the alleged texts.