Big news hit the Internet last night (October 3rd) when Shady producer Denaun Porter revealed that Eminem's forthcoming new album is "done." There's still no release date that has been made public by Em, his label or his representatives, but the confirmation that production was completed should amp up the anticipation among fans of the Motor City rapper even more. That got us to thinking - what's your favorite Eminem track of all-time? Which of his songs do you bump no matter where you are or who you're with - the one piece of music that makes you experience some serious sonic euphoria? Time to make your voice heard.

We'll be compiling a Spotify playlist of the best Eminem songs from his discography, chosen by you, the HNHH readers! We asked our followers on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to submit the songs they think are the best from Eminem's discography and we've received some great answers so far. Vote on suggestions others have made by liking or retweeting in the comments section - the songs that get the most love get prime position on the playlist. It's a collection of tracks for Slim Shady fans, by Slim Shady fans. Check out some of the answers below to get you started and let us know which one you bump the most!