Gunna, Future, and Wheezy are no strangers to being in the booth together. But, in a new post uploaded by Wheezy, we may be getting seeing evidence of some new collaboration coming soon.

In a new series of photos, it’ s a simple backdrop of the three men posted up in a studio together as Wheezy writes, “GUNNA X PLUTO x Tsunami.” It’s quite possible that this just an old snap of previous meetup because, as mentioned before, this trio has had a few of those. But, we’re going to hold on to wishful thinking that a new selection may soon come.

The way that Wheezy’s year has been set up, though, it’ll like supply much heat. This year, the southern beatmaker’s tag has particularly permeated through a placement on Lil baby and Drake’s “Yes Indeed” collaboration, opening him up to a much wider audience. However, the producer’s been circulating around for quite some time now, breaking through for his work on Young Thug’s memorable Barter 6 mixtape.

The pair would go on to work on many more projects together, including Jeffery, Beautiful Thugger Girls and this year’s Slime Language.

“Slime can go in the booth and do a song within five minutes off the top of the head and it will come out brilliant,” he once told Complexof the process of making music with Young Thug. “Homie will go in the booth and make a song so fucking quick. Two verses and everything will make sense. He's a fast-paced worker. It really helps my craft because he works so fast I have to keep up.”