A contestant on Wheel of Fortune recently jumped the gun when solving a puzzle on the game show, making him lose out big and basically hand his cash over to his competitor. Jonny was one of three people on the beloved series where he was one letter away from winning big in the "Fun & Games" category. 

When Jonny was asked to solve the puzzle, with the answer clearly reading "Flamenco Dance Lessons," poor Jonny said "Flamingo Dance Lessons." The audience cheered and he seemed thrilled, but unfortunately, the little buzzer went off and Jonny seemed puzzled, leaving Ashley on his left to properly say the word winning the money. 

You can watch the video below where Jonny seems real sad about what happened. 


The ordeal has left Twitter calling Jonny the latest #WheelOfFortuneFail and the reactions are pretty funny - check them out.