Battle rap is quickly growing as a culture. What was almost completely relegated to street corners and Youtube a few years ago has garnered national recognition, more tv programming, Pay-Per-View events, and other attention of the mainstream media. Hip Hop icons like Eminem and Snoop Dogg have put on events for the battle scene and at this rate things can only continue to expand. That being the case, we’re here to keep you updated on all things battle rap. Now is a great time to join the culture.

First things first, rest in peace to Robert Paulson, also known as Cadalack Ron (or more recently Caddy 3.0). Our love goes out to any and all who were close to him, including friends, family, and fans.

This edition’s battle updates include some really big battles. Pretty much every battle on this list was highly anticipated, delivered in a big way, or both. URL, Black Ice Cartel, Don’t Flop, and even Battle of the Zae put out some big battles in the past couple weeks. Also, we’ve got a couple of updates about Charlie Clips, who’s always a fan favorite.