Fans of that old school, gritty hip-hop sound have reason to rejoice today. Shady Records slash Griselda member Westside Gunn has officially linked up with MF Doom for a new collaborative album called "WESTSIDEDOOM." The project, which was detailed on Westside Gunn's Instagram, has yet to secure a release date. Still, the duo have tapped longtime Gunn collaborators Daringer and Alchemist to provide the entirety of the album's production. The announcement is a bit of a pleasant surprise, and while the duo may seem random, it's actually a pretty solid musical union. Both rappers tend to favor a lo-fi, villainous vibe, and their vivid lyricism will no doubt benefit from a bit of friendly competition. Not only that, but Westside Gunn's higher pitched cadence will sound awesome when paired with Doom's prolific baritone growl.

In the initial announcement post, Gunn builds some serious hype, describing the project as "one of the illest projects I've ever heard when u think ART, this is it the RAWEST, FLYEST, GRIMIEST shit you've ever heard IN YA LIFE." The post also features what looks like cover art, as well as a preview of lead-off single "Gorilla Monsoon." The track sounds exactly like what you might expect, and that's by no means a negative; the eerie, Hitchcock-esque production is a refreshing deviation from the abundance of trap-production currently dominating the game. And while all we have is a brief snippet, it's enough to confirm that both Westside Gunn and Doom will be bringing their A-game to this one.

Check out the post, along with "Gorilla Monsoon," below. The song should be dropping any day now, and as far as a release date, Gunn promises that "the day is soon cometh." What say ya'll to this? Excited?