In 2019, Westside Boogie set the year off with his Shady Records debut album Everything's For Salea contemplative and introspective dose of compelling grown-man rap. Though it wasn't the flashiest project, many found themselves endeared by Boogie's down to earth personality and relatable weariness; read our own review of the album right here, in which our hero was dubbed "hip-hop's truest embodiment of the hopeless romantic." 

Westside Boogie Shady Records

Now, the wait for his follow-up effort is coming up on the two-year mark, which in these breakneck times feels almost molasses-slow in comparison. For some, as we'll soon see, such waits can take drastic tolls on one's mental stability. Such waits may -- in the most extreme cases, of course -- lead one to committing shocking and heinous acts in sheer desperation. Westside Boogie recently learned this lesson the hard way, having experienced first hand what his label boss Eminem tried to warn him about with the cautionary "Stan" and "Bad Guy." 

Upon innocently walking to his curb for his weekly garbage disposal, Boogie found himself approached and swiftly swept into an unmarked van. While many feared that the rapper was about to be another victim of human trafficking, the true extent of the plot quickly became evident. The mastermind was none other than Fort Knox, whose need for new Westside Boogie had reached the point of no return. 

Boogie soon found himself in the midst of a Misery-esque predicament, in which his very freedom depends on the arrival of new music. Given the high stakes, it's no wonder that Boogie opted to open the floor to his fans. "Yea this Shit wild," writes Boogie, in what little Instagram time he's been. "This ni*ga got me locked in a garage talking bout make some music. Text me song ideas so I can take my ass home 310.564.7094."

We can only hope this reckless scheme does in fact lead to the arrival of new Boogie music -- and if rumblings are to be believed, we may be seeing some as early as tonight.