Last week it was reported that Wendy Williams was having trouble booking guests for her talk show due to her mean girl ways and by the looks of it, she may have trouble filling up her audience due to her quick reactions. During yesterday's taping, Wendy Williams was delivering her Hot Topics segment and discussing Jennifer Lopez's supposed diva ways when someone's phone went off in the audience. 

"Is somebody's phone on?" she quickly stated. "Get out! Get out! Turn that phone off now, sir, ma'am, whoever you are. Just, please, kindly." Moments later, Wendy admitted that her reaction was quite "overdramatic" but made it clear that while tickets to her show are free, there's a solid rule that all phones much be off once in the studio. 

Check it out at the 10:45 mark below.

In other Wendy news, her divorce settlement with estranged husband Kevin Hunter is still ongoing and reports detailed how she has to pay him $250K to assist his home search. 

"I didn’t think it would end, first of all, and second of all, that is not sexy to introduce paperwork when you are in love with somebody,” Wendy previously explained when discussing why she didn't have a prenup. “But as a grown person, I’d get with another grown person and that grown person would have a thriving career. I would choose differently this time.”